The Christian adolescent foundation is an international humanitarian organization founded by pastor Mrs (Dr) Helen a. Nwatu a renown educationist and family counselor the foundation has established international school (Maranatha De-Great Intl) school to reach out to families and adolescent with aim of building a sound moral and academic society this project has impacted on its environs and beyond, through its various programmes that have change and re-written the stories of challenge adolescents and displaced adults in the society.

The project was born in the year 2004. It is non denominational and nonprofit oriented.

The Christian adolescent foundation among other things preaches peace, re-orientation, empowerment as well as advocates gender equality. Through these progammes, it has been able to empower delinquent and displace youths, widows, destitute and orphans and has given them new lease of life


Christian adolescent foundation


Corporate profile

4 Agip Road, Opposite Genesis Fast Food, Rumeme, Mile 4, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Office In Abuja, Owerri, Bayelsa, Enugu, Lagos. Etc. Tel 234803879874, 2348033596175, 2348033388530. Face Book: Www.Facebook.Com/Cafoniine

caf is nonprofit organization pioneered by the able dr mrs helen nwatu. Which was founded and incorporated on the June 2005?

The major task of this corporation is to restore dignity to the lost youths who has lost its bearing in the realm of the society. We took pain taking measures to finding possible solutions to the best of our resources in helping thousands of youths across the country with God willing outside the shores of the nation. Some of our pains taking design policies which beneficiaries attested to and will do greater if need resources are at our disposals are:

  1. Family and marriage counseling
  2. Carrier choice guidance
  3. Adolescent/juvenile unrest
  4. Gender advocacy
  5. Drug abuse management
  6. Child parenting/abuse
  7. Conflict resolution strategies.

These above outlined policy framework is the goal caf wants to achieve by the 2040 if and only if we have genuine partners to support us with projects that will be a beneficiary to the youths and the entire world in particular. Our aim is to reach out to the world to solve social vises that has plunge the world. These policies put together have yielded a lot of positive results especially in the region of Nigeria with emphasis in south south and Northern extract.

Family and marriage counseling youths today that go into marriages don’t know the about family life. A survey conducted at Mgbosimini in Rivers State showed that 57% of youths don’t know the primary reason why they got married i while 28% knows the actual reason they got married while 15% responded nothing. Most of the57% respondents are of the view that they got into marriage to raise children, the respondents of 28% are of the view that marriage is made to give adequate love, care for the family while 15% responded nothing.

Our organization took pains taking to finding to possible solutions to home braking and how to stop unnecessary divorce cases in the court. Most court cases in Nigeria are filled with marital disputes the basic cause is either lack of finance in home by the husband or high sexual demand by the partners or infidelity by both partners. Is alarming seeing on every day such marital cases filled our courts.

Our organization went to court to see how cases like this could be settled out of court, it was amazing how we changed and restored homes to normalcy.

This a family of Mr. and Mrs. Linus Obi in kogi state of Nigeria. This family was faced with lots of problem:, ranging from fighting quarrelling, breaking apart etc before we rescued them



  1. career choice guidance. Youths of today lack the carrier choice in their lives. Some choices were made by their parents which later affect them in life. A late popular musician called Fela in Nigeria was advised to study medicine in London but later went to his choice of carrier music, his exploits in music was so enormous to all in he whole world. Some children are not guilded properly when taking choices in their field of endeavor. Our organization has come up with clinical counseling techniques in solving such career problem and finding the appropriate career for their choices. Through our help youths have benefitted from proper choice of career in their lives.

 Chidemma, Ngosi and Chiwendu made good choice of career during their early upbringing in our organisation. Prior to this, they were forced to accept different choice of career from their original intentions. We later counseled them properly and they made right career choice which made them to be fulfilled.


3    Adolescent/juvenile unrest. Juvenile unrest is paramount in our society. Youths resorted to agitations looking for greener pastures when they have nothing to show for it. Most youths who came from poor background, uneducated, no skill, no moral upbringing, constitute nuisance to the society, by extorting members of the society. The females engage in prostitutions to survive the harsh economy. Our organization has put up measures to tackle these challenges they face by bringing them first out of the streets, providing learning ground for skills development.


These children were picked out of the streets two years ago. Our organization first taught them discipline and good morals before exposing them to good behaviors, we took pains in locating their parents who either disowned them due to their family brake up or the child ran away from home. We have gone through major steps in rehabilitating them to normalcy, most of them are sent to acquire basic  skills technical schools while some are enrolled in different institutions of learning.


4   Drug abuse management. Drug abuse is a menace the world over. More so in developing country like Nigeria, drugs are abused daily in various parts of the country. Drugs are said to be abused when not properly being prescribed. In Nigeria due to high rate of poverty,  people don’t go to hospital for their ailments to be diagnosed and treated. They prefer to consult “untrained” physician to handle them by getting drugs from the chemist shops, even local drugs from moving vehicles etc. When such drugs are not properly prescribe by a certified doctor, is termed to be “abused”. Our organization gives counseling to parents on the way to take their children and wards to appropriate medical centers when health issues arise. A child that has headache, shouldn’t be given drugs which are not prescribed by medical doctors. First, thorough checks should be conducted to know the cause of the headache and appropriate drugs to be prescribed. Some youths also indulge in smoking hard drugs to induce them into bad behaviors, these induced drugs make them commit heinous crimes. Such hard drugs are marijuana, Indian hemp, alcohol,heroine, cocaine etc.


Mr. Haruna Usman  was recently saved by our field team who helped him recover his sanity. He was induced by his friend into taking hard drugs to boost his morals. After taking the hard substance he was left unconscious for hours before he was liberated.




  • Child parenting/abuse. God has given children to parents to take care of them instead they abuse them in different ways. We received cases of abuse of parents sending their children to hawk in the street thereby exposing them to sexual harassment. Underage children are introduced to prostitution in attempt to raise illegal money to the family, some girls are sent to do “house girl” chores at another home through mutual agreements. A lot of abuses are reported frequently to our offices

 Bridget Nwafor was badly raped by her step father the case was rushed to our office where we intervened and rescued her; we counseled and sent her back to school

These children were abused by their step parents before we intervened to save them from further harm. They were in sorry state when we met them but thanks to our organization which offered them help.


Challenges and the task ahead


We need to build an edifice which has modern facilities inside to help our outreach. Most offices across Nigeria are rented offices which sometimes funds for rent is our limitation. So, we need to build edifice where the children would not be harassed by landlords due to rent. The edifice should also have modern teaching aids to impact positively in the minds of the youths

We solicit support and grants  by well spirited international voluntary organization in order to help us fund and facilitate the building where we can transform lives of these rescued ones and make them live meaningfully in our society. With these your benevolent contributions, we can meet the demands of other millions of displaced persons both in Nigeria and Africa at large.