1.            To eradicate acts of juvenile delinquencies and social vices such as drug abuse, conflict among parents and teens etc.

2.            To eliminate the high rate of moral decadence in our societies and world at large and to empower the indigent youths.

3.            To instill the right knowledge of god and his fear into our youths.

4.            To create awareness among the growing youths about God’s plan for their future. To raise their standard of living of the youths by training them to acquire skills.

5.            To promote high sense of co-operation and belonging among members; and encouraging freedom of participate

6.            To eradicate corruption and immorality among our growing youths.

7.            To educate and sensitize their minds on the principle of good morals and etiquette.

8.            To sanitize the physical environment that surround the youths.

9.            To teach our youth the right methods, values and norms to be adopted in order to preserve their youthful integrity.

  1. To protect the dignity of the child’s Rights Acts.
  2. To preach against any act of violence, negligence stigmatization of the less privilege in our society.
  3. To promote the doctrine of gender equality.
  4. To restore the lost hope of the less privileged, widows, the fatherless and orphans in our society.
  5. To encourage formal and informal education.
  6. To provide life planning skills to all categories of adolescents.
  7. To carry out research on adolescent related case.
  8. Advocate for adolescent friendly policies and legislation.